Phi Mu Leadership Institute is held in off-convention (odd-numbered) years and each chapter selects an emerging leader to attend one of two sessions during the summer. In 2019, Phi Mu Leadership Institute was held at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

The experience is held institute-style, meaning that every activity and conversation is intentional and the curriculum builds throughout the event. The Institute themes are honor, confidence and courage, broken down throughout the Institute as honoring ourselves, exploring what it means to be confident, and developing the courage to be a change agent. The Institute gives participants tools to improve upon their own confidence, empowering them to speak up and lead change in their chapters and communities.

The purpose of the Phi Mu Leadership Institute is to produce a breakthrough in participants’ leadership capacity and to help them better understand their potential as leaders in their chapters and fraternity/sorority communities.  Our commitment to the participants is that after attending the Phi Mu Leadership Institute, they will have:

  • Examined their personal values, identity as a woman and level of confidence.
  • Discussed personal values and how they are reflected through actions.
  • Practiced skills to promote confidence and courage.
  • Evaluated the relevance of our Creed in today’s world.

Experienced facilitators are recruited and selected from across the country and from all aspects of fraternity and sorority life, including men and women who are campus-based professionals, work at a fraternity or sorority headquarters or who serve as volunteers for their organizations. They serve as mentors and guides, in both large and small group settings, for the collegiate participants.

Small groups, comprised of collegians from a diversity of chapters, are an important part of the PMLI experience.

2019 PMLI participants complete a team building activity and learn about their leadership style.