Chapter Consultants

Chapter Consultants (CCs) travel across the country providing guidance, support, problem-solving skills and inspiration to every Phi Mu chapter. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for recently graduated Phi Mus to serve as an ambassador for the Fraternity and gain skills in leadership development, change management, facilitation and more! The consultant team receives extensive training; they are experts on recruitment, programming, officer training/transitions and finances. A CC may serve as a traveling consultant who works with a different chapter each week or a resident consultant who provides consistent support to one chapter. Consultants can even support extension efforts in recruiting members to start a new collegiate chapter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CC? What does a CC do?

A Chapter Consultant (CC) is a Phi Mu Headquarters staff member who travels to collegiate chapters to provide support, guidance and resources in a variety of areas. This job offers a unique opportunity to work with individual chapter members to foster their leadership skills and use strategic methods to help the entire chapter. Consultants are excellent problem-solvers who use those skills both independently and with support from Fraternity staff members. The CC role is a salaried, contract position that offers recent graduates an opportunity to develop professional skills, network, travel and engage with Phi Mu members. Consultants gain transferable skills, such as facilitation, collaboration, financial management and conflict resolution, that are applicable to any future career.

Am I qualified? Do I have to be on the Executive Committee to apply?

Chapter Consultants come from varying backgrounds and experiences. It is not a requirement for applicants to have been a Phi Mu officer in order to apply. However, we are looking for candidates who have leadership experience, campus/community involvement, problem-solving skills and the ability to build relationships.

How do I apply? What is the interview process like?

Any member who is a recent graduate or approaching graduation is eligible to apply. The CC interview process has a few steps for interested candidates. Applications will be accepted beginning in late fall. Information on how to apply will be listed at the bottom of this page when applicable.

First-round interviews are held over Zoom with most applicants being notified by early February if they have received a final interview. The first-round interview is an opportunity for applicants to learn more about the position and for us to get to know them. Final interviews will also take place over Zoom. The final interview provides an opportunity for the candidate to meet other interviewees and additional staff members.

Do CCs travel full time or work at HQ?

The Consultant position is a full-time, salaried position that is contracted over the months of July-April. The Consultant Team spends time at the National Headquarters in July and October for training and to work with other staff members in person. At Phi Mu, we have two different types of CCs who we refer to as “traveling” or “resident” consultants. A traveling consultant visits many Phi Mu chapters throughout the semester and a resident consultant lives and works with one chapter for the majority of the semester. Visits and placements are given careful thought and we aim to be intentional.  Additional benefits for Consultants are:

  • Bi-weekly salary
  • Paid vacation days
  • Extended holiday break
  • Medical, dental and life insurance
  • Airline miles
  • Networking and professional development opportunities

What are the career benefits?

Chapter Consultants learn skills that are applicable to all future careers. We have had CCs go on to work in fields such as higher education, nonprofits, recruiting, finance, law and more. Former Consultants will share that their time as a CC was critical to their growth as individuals and young professionals. Please view the “Why Does it Matter” section to hear directly from Consultants on how this experience has positively shaped their lives!

Why does it matter?

“As a consultant I was full time traveling both semesters and helped to establish three new chapters! Two of my favorite things learned a Chapter Consultant was how to think on my feet and adapt to new environments quickly! Spending so much of my time helping with recruitment and establishing new chapters, it helped me launch my career in sales. After being a consultant I used the sales and relationship building skills to go into an Account Executive role at Indeed where I have now been working four years and am a Director of Enterprise Sales!”

Michelle Kellett (East Carolina)
2018-2019 Chapter Consultant

“When I look back on my year as a consultant, the most impactful moments were moments of growth. This opportunity pushed me into being a person I didn’t know I had the chance to be. My consultant experience has shown me to crave the unknown, get uncomfortable and to truly love what you do because that directly affects those you meet. Thanks to Phi Mu, not only did I develop in unimaginable ways, but I met some of my best friends that I couldn’t survive adulthood without.”

Abigail Holtzhouser (Kennesaw)
2017-2018 Chapter Consultant

Phi Mu Foundation

Phi Mu Foundation is proud of its history as the charitable, nonprofit organization supporting Phi Mu members through academic scholarships, leadership and educational programming and emergency assistance. One of the longest-running grants that Phi Mu Foundation has made to Phi Mu Fraternity is to support the Chapter Consultant program. The funds that the Phi Mu Foundation grants to the Fraternity for the Chapter Consultant Program provide leadership training to the consultant team and access to resources they need to ensure chapters are running efficiently and effectively.

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