Share the Gift of Sisterhood

Membership in Phi Mu is not just for women who pledged and were initiated in college. Since the earliest days of the Fraternity, women have joined Phi Mu through Alumnae Initiation. Each year, dozens of women join Phi Mu in this way, affiliating with the chapter of their choice. Their reasons for and paths to becoming a member differ. Many were unable to join a sorority in college for various reasons; some even pledged Phi Mu but were not initiated due to family obligations, financial constraints or other obstacles. Some find their way to Phi Mu when their daughter or granddaughter is initiated at a new chapter’s Installation. Regardless of their circumstances, these women are now Phi Mus because a member invited them to join and experience the many benefits of our sisterhood.


Alumnae Initiation Process

Submit an Application

Any initiated Phi Mu in good standing can nominate an outstanding woman for Alumnae Initiation. The online Alumnae Initiation Application (at requests information about the candidate and her Phi Mu sponsor.

Application Process

Completed applications are processed by the Alumnae Engagement Department at the National Headquarters and approved by the Alumnae Engagement Department.

Requirements Prior to Initiation

Each alumna initiate pays a fee of $276 which includes her Initiation dues, membership certificate and first year of Forever Faithful alumnae dues; she also purchases a badge of her choice. Her Phi Mu sponsor orients the alumna initiate to Phi Mu, ensuring she will be well-versed in our sisterhood and providing her with an abbreviated version of the New Member Experience Program prior to her Initiation.


An alumna initiate has the option of joining an alumnae chapter or our Forever Faithful alumnae dues program.

Ready to Share the Gift of Sisterhood?

For additional information about Phi Mu’s Alumnae Initiation Process, please contact us at

The Alumna Initiate Application is available on the myPhiMu portal.