Bring Phi Mu to Your Campus

If you’re interested in bringing Phi Mu to your campus, you’ve come to the right place! Establishing a new Phi Mu chapter is exciting and it provides women with an opportunity to leave a legacy on campus, create something new and establish traditions and bring something fresh to the Panhellenic community.

Adding a chapter to a collegiate campus is a process regulated by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). To add a new sorority to your campus, you should first talk with the campus staff member who oversees fraternity and sorority life or student activities to determine if your campus will open for extension and what you can do to start that process. NPC has an Extension Committee that works with campuses to add new chapters or create a new Panhellenic system. You can contact the NPC office at to learn more about starting this process on your campus.

Phi Mu’s new chapters are successful because of the national and local support provided. Our National and Area Officers, local advisory council volunteers and staff create a support system that is designed uniquely for each new chapter. Phi Mu ensures that all new members have a rewarding experience while building a strong foundation for a successful chapter. If you would like additional information about Phi Mu’s extension process, please contact us at