Committed to Academic Success

Since our founding as a literary society more than 160 years ago, Phi Mu has been committed to the academic and personal development of our members. We know that the success of our collegiate chapters depends on the success of our individual members – and academic excellence is at the center of a successful collegiate experience.

Each Phi Mu collegiate chapter is required to achieve a 2.75 combined GPA or the All-Women’s Average, whichever is greater, in order to remain in good standing and hold a chapter leadership position.

And our members are not on their own – each chapter has an Academic Excellence Chairwoman and a Chapter Academic Excellence Adviser that provide all members with academic support.


GPA Requirements

Each chapter sets a grade point average standard to use based on their campus. This GPA reflects the campus norms and expectations. Phi Mu expects new members to be in good standing with their college or university and chapter in order to be initiated.

Members are required to maintain a designated GPA to remain in good standing with their chapter. This GPA is included in the chapter bylaws and voted on by the chapter. Chapter officers are required to maintain the GPA listed in the chapter bylaws in order to hold a leadership position. Members not in good standing who are below the chapter’s term GPA requirement may be referred through Phi Mu’s accountability system–the honor process. This process is utilized to develop customized improvement plans for members in order to reach their academic goals.

Academic Excellence Support

In each collegiate chapter, the Academic Excellence Chairwoman implements an annual program to assist sisters in their academic performance to foster and promote high scholarship. She works with the Vice President to create chapter programming based on the learning styles of chapter members and supports the work of the Honor Committee to design appropriate programs for chapter members who are not in good standing. These programs are designed to meet the needs of members as individuals and help them achieve academic success.

Phi Mu also has a National Academic Excellence Chairwoman and Committee who are experienced alumnae volunteers that support our chapters in achieving and maintaining academic excellence.

The chapter’s local and area team of volunteers and Collegiate Chapter Specialist reviews each chapter’s annual academic plan and provide officer training and resources the Academic Excellence Chairwoman can use with her chapter and individual members.


Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship Program

Phi Mu Foundation is committed to supporting the academic development of our members. During the 2023-2024 fiscal year, Phi Mu Foundation awarded 164 undergraduate and graduate scholarships totaling $194,000.

Most scholarships are unrestricted, but some have been established for a particular chapter, field of study, state of residence or college. The minimum requirement for all Phi Mu scholarships is a 3.0 grade point average and all Phi Mu members who meet the requirements are eligible to apply. Merit and financial need-based scholarships are available through Phi Mu Foundation. Applicants are scored in several categories: academic, involvement (Phi Mu/campus/ community), financial need, personal statements and recommendations.

Phi Mu was the first NPC group to endow a fund through the NPC Foundation for academic excellence. This fund not only helps chapters but also provides guidance and academic programming for college Panhellenics across the country.