Helpful Links for Collegians

As a college student, we know you are busy so here is a list of the most-accessed websites by our collegiate members:


Phi Mu’s members-only portal where you can update your personal information and access important information.


A web-based system that Phi Mu utilizes to enable members to view chapter statements, receive invoices and make payments online.


An internal system where each Phi Mu chapter can communicate with members, view the chapter calendar and manage chapter operations.

Resource Hub

This online platform contains over 800 documents and courses available to all members based on their membership status and officer positions within Phi Mu. Some examples of resources are: position-specific trainings, event planning guides, Phi Mu manuals, Phi Mu policies, Phi (new member) modules, team building resources and more.

New Member Experience

Phi Mu’s new member program is an educational eight-week experience that helps new members transition into Fraternity membership.  The online component includes an orientation, expectations of membership and journal prompts which help our new members begin their lifetime involvement in Phi Mu.  The online modules are conducted in partnership with Phi meetings that provide new members with the framework for personal, academic, social and professional growth.