Representing the Collegiate Voice

The Collegiate Advisory Committee (CAC), a volunteer committee in the Leadership and Curriculum Development Department, plays an important role in gauging the member experience.  We are continually seeking ways to measure the impact of the experiences we cultivate for our collegiate members while also furthering the experiences available to them.

The CAC is composed of members from a variety of chapters, geographic regions, Phi Mu experiences and personal and academic backgrounds. CAC members provide a collegiate perspective on new and existing curricula developed by Phi Mu staff and volunteers, along with contributing to the content and curriculum. The Committee provides feedback and input regarding policies, processes and campus trends to better enhance the Phi Mu experience for all collegiate members. As a part of the CAC, members also have opportunities for personal development and growth though monthly reading materials, meetings and discussions. The personal development is enhanced through large and small group meetings centered around relevant topics and current events.

If you or a current member you know are interested in issues facing college women and learning from other Phi Mu members, the Collegiate Advisory Committee offers a great personal leadership opportunity. Applications are due each May, and the CAC appointment term runs from August to July each academic year.

2021-2022 Collegiate Advisory Committee

Michaela Ausbrooks, Gamma Lambda (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Fourth Year Student
Liv Borawski, Delta Beta (University of Illinois), Third Year Student
Turner Cole, Mu (Brenau University), Second Year Student
Hunter Corman, Rho Nu (Northern Kentucky University), Fourth Year Student
Bella Doane, Alpha Iota (Mercer University), Third Year Student
Kendall Docherty, Alpha Nu (University of Florida), Second Year Student
Cameron Donlin, Kappa Lambda (University of Memphis), Fourth Year Student
Emily Dunlap, Pi (University of Maine), Second Year Student
Sarah Dunn, Phi Alpha (McDaniel College), Third Year Student
Kelsey Eihausen, Zeta Gamma (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Fourth Year Student
Sophie Glass, Kappa Beta (Valdosta State University), Fourth Year Student
Averee Hutson, Alpha Beta (University of Arkansas), Third Year Student
Anisha Kanukolanu, Theta Zeta (Georgia Institute of Technology), Second Year Student
Kelsey Lorch, Epsilon Rho (Lyon College), Fourth Year Student
Hailey Martinez, Alpha Delta (University of Mississippi), Second Year
Kennedy Nichols, Epsilon Epsilon (Oklahoma City University), Second Year Student
Emily Novelli, Rho Alpha (IUPUI), Fourth Year
Georgina Patient, Alpha Epsilon (Florida State University), Third Year Student
Riley Patrick, Alpha Iota (Mercer University), Fourth Year Student
Allison Paxton, Beta Nu (Bethany College), Fourth Year Student
Grace Pearson-Thompson, Delta (Tulane University), Third Year Student
Lacey Ragan, Gamma Lambda (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Second Year Student
Stella Seagraves, Epsilon Epsilon (Oklahoma City University), Third Year Student
Hannah Wagner, Delta Beta (University of Illinois), Fourth Year Student
Shaeley Wiese, Zeta Gamma (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Second Year Student
Melissa Wise, Kappa Chi (University of Montevallo), Fourth Year Student
Celine Yee, Eta Beta (University of Washington), Fourth Year